Buglab Offers Penetration And Vulnerabilities Testing On Blockchain Protocol

Buglab is developed on an ethereum powered blockchain framework that offers cyber security and penetration testing. The power of the blockchain based framework is used to offer penetration testing that versatile, attainable and reliable for different digital enterprises. This platform can be used by different companies who can use the services of a global network that comprises of cyber security researchers and experts.

Features of Buglab

The features of this platform are unique and several such as:

  • It offers two programs called the Vigilante Protocol and the Buglab contest, which help companies discover vulnerabilities in their assets and digital solutions.
  • Clients can find a global base of testers and certified experts in cyber security penetration; the platform is an incentivized framework where they provide their services and they are rewarded by the smart contract token of the platform.
  • There are several helpful features of the platform such as certified pentesters, full customization and real time collaboration.
  • The vigilante protocol is an avenue that offers a forum for white hats to discuss the discoveries of different vulnerabilities; CERTs can connect and stay updated as well as notifying relevant clients and companies on new risks and threats.
  • Medium to small businesses can find cost effective and affordable ways to secure their digital assets with the expertise offered on this platform.
  • CSIRTs and CERTs can partner on this platform and build a sharing and helpful community where they can share knowledge and help different organizations strengthen their systems and prevent system vulnerabilities.
  • White hats and pentesters can use this platform as their research base and help businesses across the world as well as be compensated for their services.

With the above features the platform helps bring white hat services to more organizations and portals that need such assistance, but find it costly and difficult to access. At the same time the platform offers a research and collaboration forum for the different experts in this domain.

Team of Buglab

The platform is run by different professionals who combine their expertise and skills in bringing the intended objectives for the platform into a working reality.

Reda Cherqaoui is founder and CEO of the platform; he has several years of experience in cyber security projects and has worked in similar roles for electronics firms and banks.

Alexander Belokon is a backend developer who has worked for diverse companies ranging from pharmaceuticals to banking and has extensive work experience in code development and backend system development.

Youness Aamiri is a blockchain developer for this platform who has multilingual capabilities as well as knowhow of different software development platforms and languages as well as the blockchain ecosystem.

Roadmap of Buglab

Development of the platform began in March 2016 and team formation as well as ticket acceptance was finalized by February 2017. The global entrepreneur program and acceptance of the same happened in June 2017 while in November 2017 the partnership with CERTs and others began. The public pre-sale opened in the second quarter of 2018. By the third quarter of 2018 blockchain migration will begin while the vigilante protocol and contest forums will launch by the fourth quarter of 2018.

Symbol: BGL

Total Token Supply: 425,000,000

Token sale allocation: 170,000,000

Funding goal: Equivalent of $20,000,0001

Public sale price: Equivalent of $0.15

Type: ERC20

Token Allocation

Development and staffing: 45%

Marketing: 22%

Business development: 16%

R&D: 12%

Legal and accounting: 5%



Website: https://buglab.io/

Whitepaper: https://buglab.io/assets/docs/Buglab_WhitePaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/buglab