BrikBit, Offering a Decentralized Ecosystem for Real Estate Project Development

The BrikBit platform is the leading LISK-based ecosystem, introduced to create and manage all the real-estate industry operations. This platform has developed the blockchain technology based solutions to allow the participants working on different real estate projects to disintermediate, automate, and create more transparent procedures. The stakeholders can use BrikBit’s cutting-edge solutions during all the steps of real estate project development, including designing, collection, development, and management.

Every real estate project will get a chance of forming a unique blockchain (like a BrikBit sidechain) in which it can apply its unique features and rules with respect to the country and regulations set by the project developers.

The main objective:

BrikBit is a decentralized platform, focusing on implementing the blockchain technology based ecosystem to preside over the creation and organization of value and information during the entire real estate project development cycle. The blockchain technology is still new and it has the potential of offering several innovative solutions to characterize a new ecosystem. BrikBit is envisioned to present that ecosystem which will be flexible, safe, univocal, and efficient.

Key players within the BrikBit ecosystem:

As the whitepaper depicts, there will be eight key players within the BrikBit ecosystem. All the key players are connected with one another with respect to the ventures and actions required to ensure a smooth development of real estate projects.

  • Buyers and sellers:

Both buyers and sellers of a real estate property will use this platform to be the final user of the renovated or developed asset.

  • Investors:

Investors will play a key role by using their own resources to meet the financial requirements of the real estate project. Investors can make a direct profit in this way from the purchase or sale of the asset while it will release.

  • Project manager:

The project manager will work to manage the whole project. He will define the role of different participants to ensure an on-time development of the project.

  • Professionals:

Professionals will be taking care of legal and administrative drafts, documents and development projects.

  • Banks:

The banks will be involved to manage all the transactions between all the key players. Every participant bank will fund the money to offer the required liquidity during the R. E. procedure.

  • Construction companies:

All the constructors within the BrikBit ecosystem will do the job of evaluating the designs and realizing the potential of designed work. Once the assessment job is done, the construction companies will work to build the structure and all the associated plants to manage electricity, plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning.

  • Public utilities:

Public utilities will provide solutions including communications, heating, and so on.

  • Public administration:

Public administration will be acting as authority ensuring all the rules and regulations of creating a structure are followed. Key players in public administration will be safety regulators, local administrators, and state administrators.

Final thoughts:

In order to ensure the vision featured by BrikBit will come true, the founders are crowdsourcing the funds through ICOs. This platform is offering the BRIK token to make an investment, which you can buy during the ICO if you are interested in this project





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