BlokBiz, Offering Methods of Preventing Investments in Scam ICOs

BlokBiz is a new crowdfunding platform, designed to help new legitimate projects in arranging funds. This platform will actively offer its services in the cryptocurrency segment. It is introduced with a goal of creating an ecosystem where only thoroughly assessed ICOs get listed. The BlokBiz team is going to apply the globally approved compliance and AML methods in order to assess the legitimacy and potential of the ICOs and then it will list the projected ICOs.

This platform is going to prevent investors from falling into traps of fraud companies. Only legal companies can make the list and they are also going to be checked according to the aforementioned procedures. The investors can feel safe and browse a variety of projects on BlokBiz to find some great investment opportunities.

Problem with the current ICO market:

It seems like the market is boomed with new projects. Since the dawn of the blockchain technology, many experts came with innovative ideas to disrupt the centralized structures. There are numerous ICOs with effective vision and ground-breaking ideas for the future. However, it is also true that only 2% of them will achieve the success they claim.

BlokBiz’s prime objective is to set up a platform that can guide investors towards the most appropriate projects. This platform is going to offer a workable solution for all the new companies and investors. The recent statistics show that the capitalization amount of the ICOs has increased up to 740 fold since January 2017. It shows an enormous growth, but it is quite sad that the most of these coins were scam activities. Many of them were also pump and dump schemes that caused a huge loss to the investors. BlokBiz wants to prevent investors from investing in such projects. As an investor, you can trust this platform offering the most reliable ICOs with a great potential for success in the future.

How does BlokBiz work?

This platform will work as a secure and constantly monitored crowdsourcing portal. You can consider it as an intermediary which is equipped with the latest solutions offered by the blockchain technology. It uses the safest compliance methods to offer incredible safety features. This platform is capable of resolving all the major issues affecting the crypto industry and ICO funding.

The BlokBiz ecosystem can identify and filter financial criminal activities that include scam ICOs, terrorism, money laundering, and black market financing. This platform will assign a dedicated project manager for each new project. Thus, each endorsed ICO will be constantly monitored, assessed and supported by the BlokBiz team.


BlokBiz is crowdsourcing funds through ICO and its XBZ token seems promising. It is a token that will all the new ICOs and investors will need if they want to use the services offered by BlokBiz.

Final thoughts:

BlokBiz is one of those new blockchain technology-based platforms which are actually addressing real issues. This platform has the potential of attracting numerous investors for making safe and profitable investments. Therefore, it can be a successful project.





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