Blockchain Technology and Gig Economy with BLOK solutions

Blockchain Technology and Gig Economy with BLOK solutions

The reason why most gig economy falls flat is the trust issues.  The lack of transparency, inefficiency of payments etc. are some of the fears that remain in the minds of a common man. It is the Blok Solution who has come to simplify the complexities of payments. The team has come up with a mission to connect the employers and workers around the world. It aids to ensure there is a transparency and building up the trust within the group. It is the use of smart contract that is going to benefit in smooth functioning of the group with the use of blockchain technology.


Token Generation Event

Blok tokens will be issued on  Ehtereum blockchain, with an supply of  360,000,000. It is issued to facilitate contractors, freelancers that include ridesharing to delivering groceries, transcribing receipts to answering support calls. Out of the tokens issued, around 64% of the tokens will be sold in initial token generation. 85% of the proceeds are expected to be used in Blok platform development, operational expenses, marketing and business development and more.

BLOK emergence and gig economy

The gig economy benefits from the flexibility for employers and employees on meeting the demands of the consumers. Blockchain has further made the traditional workplace revolutionized with the advent of dynamic and on-demand options for an employee-worker relationship.


The market size seems to be growing with over 110 million people joining the gig economy based on their choice.  It is this market that needs a digital solution. Tapping the legacy employers to develop a sustained growth in blockchain database is going to gain the overall gig economy.

Blok solutions is going to eliminate all the current limitations and instead lead a productive workforce by enforcing-

  • Trust

Even if the workforce cannot join a union, the trust can be built up at Blok solution with instant and verified blockchain method of technology.


  • Payment and benefits

Due to the intermediary driven costs, the workers payments received are less. But while opting for a decentralized payment options from Blok it is going to benefit both the parties by providing multiple payment options.

  • Transparency

Blok aim to curtail the unfair practices of companies taking over the majority of fees and offering a lesser amount to workers. To create a transparency, the various blockchain methods are used. .

  • Compliance-

To survive a gig worker must have a number of projects to go. If there is a decentralized market, this can be possible. To avoid the bureaucratic inefficiency, the solution to blockchain solves the problem.

How does BLOK Work?

The underline paradigm of Blok is to solicit the contractors for their gigs. Under Blok, a blokpreneur (An independent contractor who is ready to provide services, locally or digitally) will be able to browse for the offers sent by the companies. He will have the access to assign, mark the work as complete and get paid in the form of BLO tokens.  This will help in hiring freelancers readily over the globe. Thus, companies looking in for reducing labor and capital costs but want in increase in the scale of production, Blok will benefit them for a good amount of time.

Ample market opportunity

With the growing need to grow in the specialized field, the younger workforce, the changing attitude towards gig economy and the technological advances have given the market a wider opportunity to breathe. Finding work online and getting paid in BLO tokens, life cannot get better than this.

Business model and projections

Blok solution is working round the clock to create a vast database of gigs and workers to capitalize the growing workforce.  It will help to explore the gig economy better. It aids giving professional in choosing freelancing over the traditional employment.

Token economy projections

By 2022-2024, Block will be the e lading backend platform for online gig economy prospects.

Blok protocol

Here a smart contract that conforms to a Blok Gig Interface and a guideline to follow it.

Platform workflows

The system works where a blokpreneur can apply on to a specific gig and get paid on completion of the task. There are client apps, blokpreneur direct participation, company client apps, company direct participation to facilitate the browsing process for the gig population.

BLO token- its Purpose and usage

BLO tokens will help in facilitating the payments for finished gigs to the contractors.

Blok Solution is a trusted company with whom business can be done with entire transparency, top notch customer service and efficiency. The idea of Blok emerged when there were found some unsolved needs within Lutrovnik R&D consultancy with the gig economy companies. It is further that the blokpreneurs expectations are fulfilled with the system of blockchain methodology.

Blok team

The Blok team has experienced professionals on board-

  • Ivan Cherevko, CEO • New York, NY / Moscow, Russia
  • Kyle White, CMO • Youngstown, OH
  • Jakub Muśko, Blockchain Engineer • Barcelona, Spain
  • Barton Rhodes, Data Scientist • Denver, CO
  • Alya Cherevko, Frontend Engineer • Moscow, Russia
  • Kirill Kazakov, UX Designer • Moscow, Russia

The advisory team has-

  • Alex Artemyev
  • Adnan Javed-
  • Ismail Malik
  • Dean “Sakis” Karakitsos
  • Wulf Kkaal


Instead of relying on one single employer for payment, going the gig economy way is the trend this era. There are issues that have arisen from the on-demand economy that has created a bad impression on the minds of consumers, employers as well as workers.  But with leveraging with the blockchain technology, connecting the employers and workers around the globe is easy. It has shortened the complexities that arise of payments, has ensured transparency and trust. Blok aims to improve the efficiency of gig economy.

Token details

ERC-20 Compatible
Total supply: 360,000,000
Symbol: BLO
ICO Start date: 2018-04-10
ICO End date: 2018-05-10
ICO Price: 5700 BLO= 1 ETH






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