Black Insure, a Blockchain Powered Platform Designed to Revamp the Insurance Industry

Numerous insurance policies are available in the market to choose from. It has turned into a big issue for the customers because they find it difficult to select which one is the best for their needs. In addition, there are many terms and conditions that prevent the customers from claiming against the insurance. Sometimes insurance companies refuse to provide cover under some special circumstances because of which the customers face troubles. The insurance companies seem like looting the money customers pay to protect their finance and it should be stopped now. The Black Insure also believes it and that’s why it is offering some better solutions.

Black Insure, a modern age insurance company:

When all the businesses are trying to adopt the new technologies, Black Insure is the one that is implementing the cutting-edge blockchain technology to improve the way insurance services work. No bureaucracy and no delayed payment, it will offer an adequate support for all the customer demands. This platform is using the blockchain to provide a type of insurance cover that will be more efficient and faster than the traditional insurers can ever provide. This platform is going to make revolutionary changes in the insurance sector that the customers will praise a lot.

How does it work?

The ultimate goal of this platform is to connect the brokers directly with the investors. As an insurance broker, a user can find the investors and start his own insurance agency on this platform. Black is going to implement blockchain solutions so that the risk can transfer directly from the customers to the financial backers. The broker will not face too many risks as it happens in the traditional system. The notable features of Back’s approach would be the following:

  • No more inefficiencies.
  • The data will be stored in the blockchain and that will remain protected for a long time.
  • This platform will use smart contracts to maintain transparency and a smooth conduct of all the business operations.
  • The platform users can innovate much faster.

This platform is designed to address and revamp all the flaws of the insurance industry. This platform is similar to London’s Lloyds, but the bureaucracy, expenses, and delays are not the conditions with this platform. In other words, it is an ideal example of how the insurance industry should work in order to aid the customers whenever they need the support.

Every insurance agent and broker will be responsible for designing unique products for the targeted customers. They will generate the business and gain the maximum profit. The products will be endorsed in the market with their prices and the brokers will sell these insurance products to the needy customers. Black Insure will connect with brokers from all across the globe and thus it will provide its services around the world.

Final thoughts:

Black Insure has come up with a great vision and a wish to overhaul the faults affecting today’s insurance industry. It is using the state-of-the-art technologies to offer the most suitable solutions and that’s why it seems quite an appealing platform for making an investment.






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