Bitproperty, a Real Estate Investment Platform Powered by Blockchain and Smart Contract

Bitproperty is a real estate investment platform or you can also call it a widespread network of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Digital tokens are used on this platform for investments. Every user on this platform can make a fast investment without paying expensive charges. That’s how the users can form a new REIT trading market. The BTP tokens are rewarded to all the Bitproperty investors. The investors also get the real estate payouts and ownership rights. This platform provides the payouts and ownership rights by using the smart contracts. 

Understand Bitproperty:

Bitproperty is essentially a cryptocurrency market. This ecosystem helps the investors in buying the properties and gaining profit by selling those real estate properties. This type of platforms is emerging nowadays because there was no safe way of buying real estate properties in exotic countries. The users on this platform will make passive income by offering the ownership of real estate property assets. The users gain profit with respect to the amount invested by the stockholder. The real estate investors will find it pretty handy to deal with end users. The underlying blockchain network will offer a direct communication between the property owner and investor. So, people can make smart investments without worrying about the loss. 

Formed to democratize the real estate industry:

Technologies like Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain are used to develop this platform. This platform is open for everybody. Investors from different parts of the world can buy a property and make a profit by selling it to other investors. People from all the estate holdings can use this platform to earn profit. As a Bitprofit platform user, you can also trade your shares and revenue channels in a very affordable and flawless way. Bitproperty is offering a new solution to all the issues faced by the real estate industries across the globe. Therefore, investing in it would be a great decision. 

Hence Bitproperty is powered by the blockchain technology; it provides the cryptocurrency market exchange benefits. The users can trade immediately and transfer their assets on the cryptocurrency exchange without any trouble. Bitproperty is a secure platform to invest money. The investors can view and follow their transactions because blockchain offers this feature. The smart contract assures that whenever the both parties agree on the negotiated points, only then a deal will be made otherwise no trade. Thus, common issues like fraud and default payments do not take place. 

Tokens will be used for trading:

Just like the other blockchain powered platforms, Bitproperty also provides tokens to trade real estate. The investors get two types of tokens, the BTP platform tokens and individual property asset tokens. All the property owners on this platform will assess the value of their property in asset tokens. The investors, which hold the required number of tokens, can trade those tokens to acquire the property. 

That’s how this platform works. It is secure, futuristic, and flawless and therefore, investing your bucks in this token would be a great decision. 

Token details

Total supply: 84,000,000

Symbol: BPS

ICO Start date: 16 April, 2018

ICO End date: 30 May, 2018

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 1500 BitPro