BitPanda positions itself as a cryptocurrency broker. Here we take a look at what makes BitPanda’s services unique and beneficial and whether it is a dependable platform for users to use for trading profitably in cryptocurrencies.

How did it start?

BitPanda was started as Coinimal in the year 2014 when it focused on offering selling services in particular. It positioned itself for offering cryptocurrency brokerage to European countries. It is a company registered in Austria and its initial transactions involved offering Ethereum and Bitcoin tokens mainly. The website, however, provides options for the purchase of cryptocurrencies to European members only.


Features of BitPanda

BitPanda offers certain unique features to the European customers when it comes to buying and selling in cryptocurrencies such as:

 There are quick and easy ways to pay using bank transfer and credit card options.
 It highlights the secure environment which ensures that customers can transact in safety and keep their wallets secure on this platform.
 Those who sign up on this platform avail of a free Bitcoin wallet.
 The transaction fees charged is five percent on this platform which is lower than many others.
 Its systems are fully automated and hence, transactions on this platform work as per set timelines and processes.
 One can transact in cryptocurrencies like Dash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.
 Litecoin prices are also found on this exchange platform and users can use such information to make trading decisions on other platforms.

The brand even won an award among the several digital exchanges that were set up for cryptocurrencies in the year 2016. That was also a reason that the platform gained popularity across the European market at such a time.

Customer experiences on BitPanda

The fees that the platform charges are put on the cryptocurrency prices. Hence, users of the platform need to pay the fees when they make such purchases. The fees also depend on the kind of payment method the users opt for. Funding your account with a credit card will attract more fees. Transfer limits are placed on the verification level of accounts. The levels of verification include email verification, phone number verification, and ID verification. There are two steps account login processes that ensure that users can keep their accounts securely on this platform.

Should you trade on BitPanda?

With the number of established trader base that this portal has, it is not a risky proposition to trade on this platform beside the inherent risk of cryptocurrency trading. However, only European residents can trade on this platform.