Bitmillex Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange With Advanced Trading Features

Bitmillex brings in a crypto currency exchange that is designed with next gen blockchain technology. It brings in features that would make it more than a mere exchange. It is designed to be more secure and brings in advanced features for crypto currency exchange. With inputs provided by experienced experts and traders the platform makes use of financial solutions and blockchain technology.

Features of Bitmillex

This platform brings forth the following advantages and features to crypto currency exchange:

  • Security features are advanced on this platform with multi-layered protection of wallet features as well as fund ratio maintenance that is made optimal both for online and offline platforms.
  • The exchange creates a peer to peer marketplace; here buying as well as selling of Alts and BTC can take place between the users. The funding and payment means are several such as credit and debit cards, gift cards, money transfers, direct account transfers and others.
  • There is a revolutionary debit card offered by the system. This can offer instant access to wallet balances and can help BTC tokens of the platform to be converted to fiat which can be encased across ATMs and used for making online payments.
  • Auto trade is a mode that works on copy trading principles. Users can opt to select this mode, which allows one to draw from a pool of optimal trading strategies of listed traders.
  • There are free trading signals that are offered on the analytical floor of Bitmillex; here trading signals are free and offered daily which are generated by a team of trading analysts working in a dedicated manner for the platform.
  • There is margin trading offered such as the use of MT5 trading software which helps in allowing trades to happen across platforms as well as across different terminals.

The platform also offers peer to peer lending as well as forex pairing for the traders that increases flexibility in holding funds in fiat and major forex pairs.

Team behind Bitmillex

Malcolm Briton acts as Co Founder as well as CEO of the platform; he comes in as an experienced trader in crypto futures trading and analyses. He is known for his teachings and research in related fields of currency trading.

Emir Bugra Koksalan comes in as a software designer and architect who is also lead and co-founder of the program. Being a serial entrepreneur and software developer Emir has worked for years in helping to develop blockchain based payment and trading systems.

Rajdeep Dhar also comes in as head of business development who has more than a decade of work experience in consulting. He has helped in starting several ventures and worked on blockchain projects.

There are several other professionals in this platform such as Matthias Van Dooren who is leader of social media content, Imran Rahman, who comes in as a smart contract developer and Syed Hashim Jamal who takes up the CTO position of the firm.

Roadmap of Bitmillex

The platform was envisioned in 2017 and by the last quarter of 2017 front and backend development had begun. In 2018 the platform launched ICO sale and set the stage for beta testing of the platform. Its headquarters has been opened in the UK this year.

Token Allocation

Founders and Team                                                        15,000,000

ICO                                                                            50,000,000

Marketing Allocation                                                        8,500,000

Airdrop and Bounty                                                         1,500,000

Total                                                                           75,000,000

ICO Schedule

Stage                             Token Quantity                 Price                     Bonus

Pre-ICO                          10,000,000                      $0.25                    50%

Public ICO Stage 1             10,000,000                      $0.35                    30%

Public ICO stage 2             10,000,000                      $0.40                    20%

Public ICO stage 3             10,000,000                      $0.45                    10%

Public ICO stage 4             10,000,000                      $0.50                    —-

Total Offered                    50,000,000.







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