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The introduction of blockchain has completely changed the way we look at money and financial transactions. The variety of the cryptocurrencies is growing day by day and has already disrupted the traditional methods of banking to a significant degree. Bitcoinus is a platform that allows you to make instant crypto payments for both individuals as well as business purposes. Bitcoinus aims at simplifying the business needs by integrating more than 100 different cryptocurrencies into their wallet. This can make a huge change in the approach to the payment methods used by people. The platform also allows its users to preprogram the currencies to add in more functions that can come handy under different environments.

Bitcoinus reinvents the crypto payments

Cryptocurrencies have already started to disrupt significant banking systems all across the world. The rate at which people are using cards and online modes of payment are further to be affected by the blockchain technology. The main motto of the company is to reinvent the financial transactions between the various entities. Furthermore, the transactions are highly secure for all types of users. Bitcoinus can become one of the fundamental tools for the growth and management of e-commerce. It can serve as one of the most reliable means of purchasing, spending and storing the crypto assets.

No risks attached

Dealing in cryptocurrencies has a number of advantages. However, it also comes with its own set of risks. However, Bitcoinus adopts complex KYC standards. All the clients are required to comply with these standards. This, in turn, ensures that the process remains entirely risk-free for each and every individual. You are not required to pay any fees for the sign-up. The service fees are minimum and easily affordable to even the smallest of the businesses. The implementation of KYC ensures a high amount of reliability among all the customers.

Global solution for crypto payment

The best thing about Bitcoinus is that the platform allows you to make transactions in any part of the world at incredibly fast speed. The increased speed of transactions allows for highly efficient management of the business in the process. You will be able to send or receive the funds in just 2 seconds. However, depending on the gateways that are used for the payment, the time of receiving the funds can also be delayed by about 2 weeks. This is mainly the case when the transactions are required to pass through gateways that are not highly reliable. Either way, this increases the reliability of the platform. However, there is entirely no uncertainty when it comes to fraudulent and gateway failures.

Diverse cryptocurrencies and reduced fees

The transactions in Bitcoinus can be made using a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the platform is looking to integrate more than 100 highly reliable cryptocurrencies in the coming period. This ensures that you will face no problem regarding your cash flow. The platform also allows you to make instant currency exchanges without the need of a middleman. This can allow smaller businesses to grow at a rate faster than normal. Furthermore, you do not have to pay more than 0.5% as commission for the transactions as well. Overall, this is a reliable and affordable platform that you can use for your fund transfer to any corner of the world.


Token details

ERC-20 Compatible

Total supply: 65 000 000

Symbol: BITS

ICO Start date: 2018-01-22

ICO End date: 2018-05-10

ICO Price: 1 BITS = 0.001 ETH

bitcoinus token distribution
bitcoinus token distribution


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