Betley, a Blockchain and AI Technology Powered Betting Platform

A lot of people like to make money from betting. It is a kind of gambling, but it is a lot more exciting and entertaining than betting in the casinos. People pick their favorite sports to bet and earn extra money with entertainment. Betley is designed to make betting on the sports more transparent and entertaining. This platform offers users a sophisticated platform for peer-to-peer betting. It means, you can find other people who are interested in the same sport for betting and then deal directly with them without paying any penny to the middleman. You can play with your friends or unknown people.

The implementation of the blockchain technology has made it possible for you to bet directly against other players instead of betting against the house. Betley is an ICO that is going to entertain people and thrill them with its features. This platform will be available with a smart AI system that will trawl the internet to offer information regarding potential bets. This platform is currently under development. It will feature numerous sporting APIs in order to collect results on all the sports being played across the globe. All the major tournaments will be featured on this platform and then you can join any match with your friends and start betting.

How does it work?

The process is pretty simple. As an interested user, you will first need to join this platform and create your profile for betting. Once you have joined Betley, now you can start betting with your buddies or join the community to bet against random users. Once you have logged your bets, now enjoy the game because you will receive money if you have played on the winning side. That’s how simple it is and that’s how you can enjoy numerous bets on this platform.

Key features of Betley:

The implementation of the artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies offer several features to this unique betting platform. The betting network offered by this platform is operated on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the first of its kind to utilize this cutting-edge technology for betting. You will be one member of a vast community after joining this platform. So, every time a new winner will get the money after betting on a certain game.

Though you will register in order to utilize the services offered by Betley, your identity will never get revealed. This platform assures unbeatable security because of the implementation of the blockchain technology. Your money and information will be kept secure and you can bet anonymously. You will need the BETS tokens in order to bet. All the tokens you will earn on this platform can get turned into other cryptocurrencies. You can use the built-in exchange of Betley to exchange the tokens.

Final thoughts:

Betley is unique, innovative, and the world’s first blockchain powered betting platform. No fiat money works on this platform and therefore every user will need the BETS tokens. So, if you buy the BETS tokens now, you can make a huge profit by selling these tokens at higher prices.








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