Beep Beep Nation Offers Localized Services Based On Blockchain Technology

Beep Beep Nation is formed as a platform where people can offer different kinds of services, whether it is a car pool or pick up and drop, real estate services, packing and moving services, emergency assistance and so forth. The platform, based on a distributed ledger system, will enable individuals to enlist for different services and get paid or simply contribute to those in need in different ways.

Features of Beep Beep Nation

The platform offers the following features such as:

  • The platform facilitates transactions for different services and signing up for providing services through the Eminent or EMN token.
  • The services of the platform are accessible through the Beep Beep Nation app. This platform’s apps are available at the different app stores that make it possible for service providers to register on the go as well as find demand for their services quickly as per their location.
  • The help categories include getting a ride, a place to stay, moving or delivering items, medical emergency assistance, vehicle      breakdown assistance, tour guide and others like providing updated information.
  • The platform would become a source for getting local and relevant information from people who are in a position to offer such information or assistance; instances are on the spot reviews of restaurants, suggestions for likely places or activities for families in a particular area, recommendations for a baby sitter or a plumber, information for a family member or pet who is missing and so forth.
  • The platform works with a person beeping for a certain service or assistance such a ride to a certain location; the signal can be picked up and someone can offer you a ride who is going to the same place; the same works for people who are traveling and wish to find affordable places to stay at local addresses where spare rooms or accommodation is available.
  • Those who use the services can pay gratitude tip for the help they get; it is done through the EMN token of the platform.

Team in Beep Beep Nation

The core team of the platform comprises of Sen Ze as CEO of the platform who holds a law degree and has worked for different companies in the entrepreneurial role, even started online ventures from the early part of the millennium.

Samuel Sham is cofounder and CFO of the platform who holds a double degree in management and accounting; he has worked as a certified financial planner, liquidator and auditor for different financial firms.

Jelson Low has a graduate degree in computer science and has worked in the sphere like design, development and analyses of computer systems and is CTO of Beep Beep Nation.

Road map of Beep Beep Nation

The platform’s beta launch and app launch are scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of 2018. The app would be available on Google Play and Apple stores. The wallet and token development are being done and would be integrated with the app by the fourth quarter of 2018. The token payment system would be operational by the first quarter of 2019.

Token Sale Details

  • Token Name: EMINENT Token (EMN)
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Total Supply: 156,250,000 EMN Tokens (inclusive of bonus tokens)
  • Tokens for Sale: 112,228,260 EMN Tokens
  • Hard Cap: USD31,250,000.00
  • Currency Accepted: ETH and USD
  • Pre-sale: 27th June 2018
  • Pre-sale Bonus: 5%
  • Sale: 4th July 2018
  • Sale Price: USD0.25 per EMN