AxenS Offers A Digital Marketplace For Import-Export Trade Processes

AxenS is a digital marketplace that offers curate and secure aspects of the supply chain of import-export processes. It would help to build liquidity as well as efficiency in this system which is often bogged down with traditional bottlenecks and bureaucratic procedures. The platform offers a trade focused community based on the distributed ledger technology on a blockchain framework.

Features of AxenS

The features of this platform include the following:

  • It is a trade focused community that helps to create trust and secure transactions, even for bulk import and export trade.
  • The B2B marketplace of the platform provides trade and supply chain finance services.
  • Electronic transactions, posting of documents and related assets are made secure and automated as well as verifiable by the blockchain technology.
  • Business partners in the area of export and import financing can find different forms of financial instruments, use different kinds of lending opportunities that can help to open up liquidity for the different supply chain processes.
  • Mesocredit is a feature that acts as a financing option among the supply chain finance services. With this feature SMEs can opt for finance options that are easy to access, are secure and as transactions are done by the blockchain technology, repayments and other terms of fulfillment are automated.

The platform helps users as well as partners to assess the risks related to supply chain finance. There are KYC as well as anti money laundering processes which help ensure that all kinds of verification is done for regulatory compliance and the finance processes are streamlined with the blockchain technology. Peer to peer finance options help to make possible instant transfers. All transactions on this platform are done by the crypto token AxenS.


Team behind AxenS

Sopheap Lao comes in as an innovative technologist as well as an award winning entrepreneur who has helped to find the Notes Alliance which is the inspiration for this platform. He has also ventured as well as funded several innovative projects in the fintech industry in Hong Kong.

Prof Dr J Mark Munoz, also one of the founding members of the platform, has work experience as CEO and Chairman at Munoz and Associates International. He is a Harvard University Asia scholar and has received different literary and scholar awards.

Omaima Hatem, who is also part of the management of the team, acts as owner and technology transfer for the University of Edinburgh in Egypt.

Mahen Bhandari brings in his experience as a Chartered Accountant and heads the finance functions of the platform.

Roadmap of AxenS

This project was conceptualized in February 2018. The ICO event was then planned and executed in March 2018. After that the blockchain network was prepared and the decentralized platform was set up in April 2018. At the same time the AXS tokens have been listed on the different exchanges. Onboarding of traders and lenders will start from August 2018 who can then start using the different facilities of the platform.

Token Allocation And Use Of Funds

Ticker Name: AXS

Technology: Xnotes

ICO Platform: Stellar

Type of Supply: Fixed

Token Features: Multi-Utility Token with Proof of Meritocracy

Total Supply: 100.000.000 AXS tokens

Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 50,000,000 USD

TGE Date: March, 2018 – April, 2018

Currency Accepted: XLM, ETH, BTC, LTC & Fiat

Token Allocation

  • 65.0% Distributed during TGE
  • 25.0% Team, Advisors, Partners
  • 7.0% Early AXenS Users Allocation
  • 3.0% Bounty Program


Use of Funds

  • 60.0% Loan Capacity
  • 15.0% Tech
  • 10.0% Operational Costs
  • 5.0% Legal & Compliance
  • 5.0% Marketing
  • 5.0% Incentives