Auxledger, Featuring Blockchain Platform with a Huge User Base

Auxledger is a new ICO offering top grade blockchain infrastructure with other essential features including the inbuilt smart contracts. It is a highly popular platform because is currently being used by the Indian government agencies. The Indian government has chosen this platform to complete essential tasks associated with the land registry procedure. They are also willing to develop solutions for national security, defense, benefit distribution, electronic health records, and many other important procedures. This platform is founded and developed by an Indian company named as Auxesis Group.

Auxledger has designed this blockchain specifically to make the solutions offered by the blockchain technology available to all the governments and corporations. This platform currently owns 38 blockchain-based assets and it also has over 53 million active users. It has proven its performance and usability by working effectively for 143 days.

Key features of Auxledger platform:

This cutting-edge blockchain platform offers several noticeable and advanced features that include the following:

  • IPFS Storage:

This platform is offering the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) storage that is capable of storing the information across the whole distributed network. This system is beneficial especially when it comes to offering better security and stability. The hackers will find it extremely difficult to breach into Auxledger’s server because there is no centralized server and this platform has no weak point at all.

  • Smart contracts:

The smart contracts offered by Auxledger can be created using the AuxCode. These smart contracts offer unlimited scalability and support shredding and parallel operations. This platform is using its patent virtual machine to support and improve the smart contract operations.

  • Interchain portability:

Interchain swaps are user-friendly operations on the Auxledger blockchain. This platform features swaps across varied blockchains. It is beneficial, especially when you want to transfer the assets between two different blockchains. Every company that uses the blockchain to store information and assets can use this platform to transfer the data and funds to other company’s private blockchain.

  • Supports the creation of multiple digital assets:

This platform is designed to support the creation of various kinds of digital assets. The users can create and distribute the digital assets across different blockchains.

The use cases of the Auxledger blockchain:

The solutions offered by the Auxledger blockchain can be implemented in various fields such as:

  • Benefit distribution system
  • Electronic health records
  • Official Registry for Government-Licensed Assets
  • Voting

The Auxledger team:

India based Auxesis Group has created the Auxledger platform. This company is also responsible for developing the first Indian blockchain lab at IIT Mumbai. This organization is currently collaborating with the Indian Government, BFSI, and multiple corporations across India. It is focusing on implementing the blockchain infrastructure across the nation to offer better services for the needs of common people.

Final thoughts:

Auxledger is the leading Indian blockchain platform. It is already being used by different business organizations and the Indian Government and it is operating quite effectively. It has a huge user base and therefore it is going to be a successful project.






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