Asura World Features The First Self-Sustainable Platform For eSporting Events

Over the past few years, there has been a considerable growth in eSports competitions and tournaments. There is a steady rise in viewership for live eSports streaming platforms. The online gaming industry has undergone many changes to incorporate various types of modern technology that make their activities more entertaining and exciting for the participants as well as the audience. Asura World is a blockchain-enabled platform for eSports viewing and allied activities. It features a self-sustainable ecosystem where every user and participant influences the progress of the platform. It can be termed as a global platform involved in eSports tournament hosting, betting, and community matchmaking.

Features of Asura

  • Asura is a blockchain based platform would issue NEP-5 tokens called ASA Coins. The amount raised would be utilized for funding the activities of the platform.
  • The Asura World platform would be implying a set of unique betting rules that are quite different from the rest of the betting platforms. This is to ensure that the betting activities are more gamestyle-focused and eSports-focused. The betting strategy would be more random compared to conventional online betting platforms.
  • Asura platform would allow its users to contribute their betting ideas for designing more user-centric betting rules. The members who make valuable suggestions can win incentives in the form of ASA Coins. This feature of community-voted bets would make the platform more popular among modern eSports enthusiasts.
  • The platform would provide live streaming of eSports tournaments and competitions for its users without charging any kind of fees or subscription.

The team behind Asura

Peter Shen is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Asura World. He has experience in founding various brands and companies. He specializes in the area of branding and marketing. He was the founder of Fresh Koha based in New Zealand and Timberwolf which is a popular Digital Agency.

Eman Abdollahi is the COO and Co-Founder of the Asura World. He is an expert in app-building for platforms like Android an iOS. He has ample operational experience and programming knowledge in the software sector.

Haoyang Feng is the CTO and Technical Lead at Asura. He has successfully pioneered many startups and has been a professional programmer since his teenage. He is an expert in product management, engineering, and business development.

Nathan Frater is the Marketing Manager at Asura. He is the Growth Strategist for its platform. He has over 10 years of experience in sales management. He is the co-founder Outliers in Orbit.

The rest of the relevant team members are Steven Ngov (Web Developer), Dang Tie Peng (Blockchain Developer), Kang Ji Hye (UI/UX Developer) and Huang Pan Ding.

Should you invest in Asura?

Asura World is a unique betting platform where investors have a lot of opportunities to make money in many creative ways. The business of the platform is based on fast-growing online gaming and eSporting industry. Hence, Asura can definitely reward its investors with profitable returns.

Start Date – June 2nd 2018

End Date – June 30th 2018

Soft Cap – $2,500,000

Hard Cap – $12,000,000

Discount – 20% First 24 Hours

Minimum Contribution – 1 NEO

Max Contribution Day 1 – 50 NEO

Max Contribution Day 2 – 500 NEO

Bonus Stage 1 – 15% for first Hour of Day 2

Bonus Stage 2 – 10% for 100+ NEO Investors (Max 500)

Accepted Currencies – NEO

Maximum Supply – 1,000,000,000 Tokens

Public Sale – 65%

Growth & Betting Reserve – 25%

Team – 10%