ASOC Takes Smart Contracts To Steel Industry Investors

What is ASOC?

With several businesses dabbling in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, this is a proposed similar framework being developed for Tomsk Metalwork Factory called ASOC. This is indeed one of the first attempts for an existing offline business to develop an online community based on the blockchain framework. The existing plant is an established and profitable entity and the blockchain based framework would lead to further rising of capital for the plant and profitable returns for the investors. As any production process of a company is complex, it often leads to ambiguity of information that comes into the investors. With a blockchain based approach. This platform aims to remove such ambiguities and allow investors to gain full information about the processes of a company, know its financial performance data as well as gain transparency about their rights and profits that their investments generate.

The company is launching its ICO program that has support of Russian state authorities and is aided by two leading universities in the country. There are experts who have considerable expertise in this domain and are working hard to execute and make this model successful.

Features of ASOC

This particular block chain framework model would have the following features:

  • It would work towards creating a cluster of systems that would control production units that would be high tech and automated.
  • The first basis of the model is based on Tomsk Metalwork Factory, which is a plant that would operate by smart contracts or tokens and would have traceability of all records and transactions based on the blockchain technology.
  • It would be a pioneering model that would aim in linking the real industry sector with the digital world.
  • Activities of enterprises can be made more transparent when they are based on such a framework. It would feature a production control system based on smart contracts.

The platform would be a comprehensive community for investing in real sector industries. Through smart contracts based on block chain methodology investors would get to know all details of a company and its processes before they invest in a company. It would also help bring in more stakeholders who can invest in real world industrial units.

Investing in ASOC

Was an innovative production control tool based on blockchain technology, it would be of much interest in investors. It would enable the study of the activities of a company, monitoring a company’s financial performance and gaining transparency and rights of audits as well as legal activities of an enterprise.  Investors would know how their money is being utilized by a company and gain profitable returns as well.

Experts behind ASOC

This platform has a credible team working behind its successful execution. Not only is the management team of Tomsk Metalwork Factory facilitating development of the model, but the state authorities of Russia is also supporting the platform’s execution. There are team members from two renowned universities also working on the platform.







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