Anti-Scam Solution Using Blockchain Technology Made Possible By MyShield

MyShield is the first decentralized anti-scam platform to work on the blockchain technology. It offers the necessary safe and secure way to carry out online transactions. All the cryptocurrency transactions will have an extra layer of security. By using the MyShield decentralized platform, you will enjoy the full protection from online scams and other fraudulent activities. MyShield is developed by the BrandShield Company. As Artificial Intelligence powers it, MyShield can easily and quickly detect any fraud and counterfeiting activities on the World Wide Web and cyberspace. There is no need to worry when you use this anti-scam ecosystem.

Features of MyShield Anti-Scam ecosystem

MyShield is a decentralized blockchain technology that will alert its users whenever they reach any unauthorized and fraudulent websites, or face any other online scams. The best part about this online platform is that it is supported by Artificial Intelligence and works in relation to smart contracts. All online scams and counterfeit sales online will immediately be tracked and reported to the users. Then cryptocurrency transaction validations will also be made clear to the users. All the transactions made by the user on online websites are safe and secure through MyShield. There will be a trusted by MyShield mark for all online transactions that user wants to make. All the fraud and the security issues that come with cryptocurrency will be fought by MyShield. You will enjoy a scam free online landscape.

The management team of MyShield

Yoav Keren is the CEO of MyShield. He has over 21 years of experience in business development, marketing and financial management fields. Yoav is the anti-counterfeiting committee member of INTA and also was a council member of ICANN. He was the technology branch head of the Information Security Department of Israel military. He is an MBA degree holder from the Kellogg & Recanati business school.

Yuval Zantkeren is the Co-CEO and CTO of MyShield. He is a qualified lawyer and holds a BSc Computer Science degree from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and also has a Business Administration Cum Laude degree in IT field. He is well equipped in the web and software development fields and has over 19 years of experience behind him. He is a member of the Israeli Government Advisory Committee on ICANN.

The Vice President for Marketing and Sales of MyShield is ItaiGalmor. He has 15 years of experience in the marketing departments of various it related businesses. He served as the VP Global Marketing and Business Development in Magic before taking up the MyShield job. This man holds an MBA in Marketing and Business degree.

The Chief Strategy Officer of MyShield is David Fridman. He has over 25 years of marketing management service under his belt. He is a B.A. in Social Science and also holds the MSc. Degree in Management and Behavioral Science. He is a lecturer on internet marketing methods in many universities.

MyShield board of advisors

Nimrod Lehavi (co-founder and CEO of Simplex), Robert Cohen (experienced business development and corporate executive), Major General (reserves) Uzi Moskovitch (technologist and manager), Shalom Passy of Afterdox, Prof. S. Subbiah (Founder, Director & Chairman,, and Barak Sela (Blockchain architect and cyber security expert) from the advisory panel of MyShield.

Final thoughts on MyShield

The major benefit that MyShield offers its users is cyber security. The e-commerce and the cryptocurrency transactions that business makes through MyShield are safe and secure and free from the prying eyes of hackers. This is a very good platform that brings businesses, users, community enforces, and cyber intelligence experts in one place.


Symbol – MyShield


No. of tokens %

Token offered for the public                                400,000,000             40%

Fund for future operations                                  300,000,000             30%

Founders, team and shareholders                     200,000,000             20%

Guarantee fund                                                       50,000,000              5%

Reporting bounty                                                   45,000,000              4.5%

Campaign bounty                                                   5,000,000         0.5%

Total                                                                          1,000,000,000   100%


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