All About XTRD ICO

The asset managers worldwide are now starting to see increased demand for exposure in their portfolios. More than 500 active funds have been created by users across the world in-order to enter the market in the year 2018, and the whole regulatory climate is warming. Nevertheless, the market is budding, and has been spread commonly between the exchanges on the same crypto pairs, that allows enough arbitrage opportunities that is hard to find in the more efficient markets. In the field, the inefficiency is that the cryptocurrency trading market product is being significantly fractured when it comes to execution, automated access, account setup, liquidity, pricing, security and execution speed and other related tasks.

XTRD has been created by the professionals in the field of finance and trading to resolve those problems. They will do this by consolidating current trading practices and improving the current practices being followed in the market.

Features of XTRD

XTRD comprises of the team of veteran Wall Street trading specialists and they are working with a mission that is to unify the cryptocurrency exchanges. The mission of these specialists is to simplify crypto currency exchange and make it easier to understand.

For this the firm has added four important features in it that are all interconnected. The first is unified FIX API, this is similar to that is already in use for high volume trading.

  • The Single Point of Access (SPA)

This is for cryptocurrency exchanges and it is used to increase the liquidity.

  • XTRD Pro

This is a downloadable trading platform.

Centralized Dark Pool – this is for turning the crypto into fiat with a more concrete and secure infrastructure. It is for entities like banks, large institutional traders, hedge funds that can easily access the market of cryptocurrency.

The team behind XTRD

ALEXANDER KRAVETS is the CEO and Cofounder of XTRD and has the Background of high frequency and proprietary day trading. He has been in the profile for over 12 years. He was associated with Genesis Securities that is a broker/dealer and a clearing firm. He has successfully launched Sogotrade, a retail investment platform for more than 100,000 clients.

SERGII GULKO was the CTO and Cofounder of XTRD.  Sergei Gulko founded Axon Software and has spent over 11 years in developing high frequency algorithmic models for hedge funds and Forex markets.

JON GIACOBBE is the COO and Cofounder and he has over 6 years of experience in the field of finance. He was associated with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan the Equity Derivatives, Structured Products, Market Liquidity, Senior Bank Debt and has executed many institutional client orders.

The others in the team are Oleksandr Lutskevych Advisor, Addison Huegel Advisor, Lex Sokolin Advisor, and Tom Osman Product Growth Consultant & Marketer.

Roadmap of XTRD

Quarter 2 and 3 2018, the XTRD built. May 2018 XTRD Pro in-depth – fast execution, advanced scanner and aggregated market data customizability. XTRD advance fix API. June 2018 XTRD dark pool.