Aivon: A Video Platform Powered By Artificial Intelligence

AIVON stands for Artificial Intelligence Video Open Network which is basically a decentralized platform. This open source blockchain based platform is built on a consensus network of the AI computing resources and also on the community of human experts. The platform also allows the developers to develop their dapps on the Aivon protocol. The first will be the Open Video Search Engine which will be made by Aivon. Participants of the platform can either participate in AI nodes or provide expertise for which they will reward with AVO tokens. Now let us look into some of the important details of about the platform.

Why Aivon?

This main objective of this open source platform is to produce normalized and enhanced metadata for video content. With the help of this platform, even the developers can build their decentralized applications on the Avion protocol. This platform will make use of the AI technology in order to ensure the safety of contents from nudity, adult, alcohol, offensive language, violence and much more. The platform will produce a confidence score which will be turned into a content graph for the right demonstration and viewing by the users. The AI algorithms of the platform is deployed through mining nodes in order to specialize with filtering miners media files, CPU and GPU resources. this will also consist of time-coded tags, translations to index special, video transcripts and wanted media especially video snippets.

How does it work?

Aivon is a platform that is backed by Artificial Intelligence technology which actually makes it more efficient. The AI computer vision algorithms that are run on nodes using CP and GPU resources will be put to use to scan media files, generate metadata, categories, classification, translations and transcripts and also an index of the video objects. Ai machine learning algorithm will learn from the actions of the platform’s community in order to become smarter and better. Aivon is going to empower the community to review, moderate, verify the meta tags, transcribe, categorize as well as provide economic incentives in order to encourage the activity with the help of AVO tokens.


The main purpose of the AVO tokens is to incentivize the people who will make their computing resources available for AI processing or people who will apply their expertise to verification, tagging, transcription, and translation. The platform is going to launch a token sale in the month of November 2018. This will be done in order to fund the development, marketing and operations of the Aivon ecosystem and protocol. The AVO token also has several other benefits as well and its adoption will only provide more benefit to the users. It is already used by over 500 million in the world currently.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it can be concluded that Avion is an efficient platform that is powered by AI technology as well by human experts. The main aim of the platform is to make the internet a decentralized place and thus, it has come up with its own solutions.


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