AITrading, Making Trading Easier by Implementing the AI and Blockchain Technologies

We are living in an age where the leading developers are coming up with new startup ideas that can revolutionize the way businesses used to operate. Many complex operations have become easier and trading is one of them.

When startups are offering blockchain technology based solutions, AITrading is combining the AI technology and the blockchain technology to make trading fairly simple and beneficial for all the users of this platform. The artificial intelligence technology will connect the users on this platform and the blockchain technology will offer transparent and more dependable communication between the traders. This platform claims to offer an innovating trading system that will benefit the following users within the AITrading ecosystem.

  • Experienced cryptocurrency traders and investors.
  • Individual brokers and trading organizations.
  • Trading analysts and third-party investment service providers.
  • Crypto exchanges and their clients.
  • Banking services, brokerage services, and other financial institutions.
  • The retail investors, who are looking for investment options in trading.

Features AITrading is offering:

This platform is offering several impressive features that make it a unique and beneficial trading platform. Its key features are as follows:

User-friendly trading infrastructure:

This platform is providing the brokers with an app or the brokers can also use a normal app to connect with this platform. This feature permits a flawless coalition between the broker’s trading platform and AITrading platform. Thus it features a unique and user-friendly platform for trading.

The AI-powered analytical tools:

This platform is offering artificial intelligence technology powered trading tools. Its AI system observes and assesses all the activities in the trading sector 24-7 to offer better investment ideas, verify hypothesis and create new ones to guide the traders. These functionalities will help the AI system in learning new tactics to guide the trader.

Intuitive platform:

Most of the blockchain technology based trading platforms are beneficial only for pros. The AITrading is the first that offers the most intuitive user-interface. The trading environment will be full of instructions and guides. It will help new traders in learning key tactics of trading. They can make a huge profit by relying upon the solutions offered by AITrading.

Works as a community:

AITrading constantly monitors traders’ actions to recognize their preferences. Thus, it suggests the traders with similar preferences and trading techniques. The users can chat with each other to share the investment ideas and learn new things.

How much the users will pay in order to use this platform?

Hence AITrading is offering a lot of beneficial solutions in order to make trading more beneficial, it will charge some subscription amount. The initial subscription cost for now is €9.95 because the platform is under development. Once the platform is completely developed, the users will pay €19.95 per month in order to use the services offered by AITrading.

Final thoughts:

AITrading is offering several features for individual traders, trading advisors, and investors. This platform is going to help you in making a lot of money from the trading business. You can invest in this platform now during the ICO sale and gain a huge profit in the future because it will certainly lure a number of clients.






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