Agate Brings A Multi-Blockchain Payment Solution For Next-Generation Crypto Economy

Agate offers a comprehensive solution for crypto users who often find it hard to use their crypto currencies at common markets. Although there are several cryptocurrency ventures that offer payment solutions, users are unable to make optimum use of their crypto wallets owing to restrictions associated with traditional marketplaces where merchants are yet to adopt a user-friendly crypto application for accepting payments. Agate would be offering comprehensive payment solutions to users in addition to a user-friendly merchant application. This is to help the users and merchants in carrying out their transactions using cryptocurrencies. With the help of its iFiat Ecosystem, merchants have the option to create their own customized payment gateway. Agate also offers an efficient platform for transferring cryptocurrencies that allows the users to derive maximum returns from their crypto assets.

Features of Agate

Agate offers versatile services to its crypto users. Some of the notable features are explained below

  • Agate has tried to provide a feasible solution for all the issues associated with the cryptoeconomy. To this end, it has developed several products like mobile apps, add-ons, POS hardware, debit cards, digital wallet, and more.
  • The platform offers a decentralized exchange that allows the users to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat money. It also helps them to easily convert one crypto currency into another.
  • Agate features a payment gateway API that allows users to make payments for their online and offline purchases by connecting to their digital wallet. The wallet service provided by Agate allows users to store multiple cryptocurrencies. By offering more flexibility Agate has made an attempt to help all kinds of crypto users.
  • Agate has developed a PoS terminal for merchants that can be used anywhere without any restriction regarding geographical locations. The best feature is that merchants can accept payments and transfer money to various parties without paying any kind of transaction fee. The 0% transaction fee makes the Agate platform a highly cost-efficient service for the merchant community.

The team behind Agate

Hamed Taghvaei is the Co-founder and CEO of Agate. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has founded several business ventures. He has ample technical experience in handling different types of projects. He has founded MyServo and DroneOnline Australia. He has also co-founded ventures like King ICO and BID Group.

Hamid Ostad is the Co-founder of Agate. He is a specialist in developing international payment solutions. He is the Solution Architect at BPAY Group. Previously, he has worked as the Development Manager at GPayments Pty Ltd.

Ali Dorri is also a Co-founder of Agate. He has secured a Ph.D. from UNSW University. He has worked on several blockchain projects associated with sectors like e-health, smart home, smart grids etc.

Ehsan Jadandarpour is the CMO of Agate. He is one of the most renowned tech influencers who have made it to the list of Forbes’ top 20 ‘growth hackers’. He is a sales coach at Petronas and Microsoft. He writes for tech magazines like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Asia Times etc.

Should you invest in Agate?

Agate features one of the most comprehensively designed blockchain platform that equips a wide range of payment solutions for its community members including buyers, sellers, and crypto asset holders. Investing in Agate can definitely yield steady profits once the platform has been fully launched.

  • Total AGT Token Supply (100%): 490,000,000 AGT
  • Total AGT Token Supply For Sale (65%): 318,500,000 AGT
  • Offered Token Exchange Rate: 1AGT~$0.076USD
  • Minimum Contribution: $60 USD ~ 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Contribution: $60,000 USD ~ 100 ETH (except acredited investors and strategic partners)
  • Soft Cap/Hard Cap: 2,000,000 USD/24,206,000 USD
  • Token Name: AGT
  • Token Protocol: ERC20, Etheruem Blockchain
  • Lock Up Period: All team’s tokens will lock up for one year period on smart contract and vesting quarterly.
  • Unsold Token: Burn by smart contract
  • Emission Rate: NO new coins will be minted, created or minded after crowd-sale

Token Distribution

Crowdsale – 65%

Team – 10%

Advisors & Partners – 5%

Bounty & Referral – 5%

Reserved for Agate – 15%

Fund Distribution


Research and Development – 40%

Marketing – 40%

Legal & Compliance – 4%

Operation and Admin – 10%

Unforeseen events – 5%






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