Advanced Miners To Offer Breakthrough Cryptocurrency Mining Solutions

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the fastest growing online markets in today’s world. The initial success of the few cryptocurrency ventures has encouraged many Blockchain enthusiasts to invest in cryptocurrency mining companies. However, profitable mining activities require sophisticated mining equipment and advanced ASIC miners. ASICs that were introduced 2 to 3 years back have now become obsolete and may not help the beginners in making any significant profit from mining. In view of this situation, Advanced Miners will be launching its ASIC based on a 12 NM chip. This new-generation mining hardware can not only improve the rate of mining activities, but also enable better hash rate per kilowatt. Advanced Miners have already established their services and has made several innovations in the mining sector for the past 4 years. The platform would be launching an Initial Coin Offering for interested users who can purchase the tokens to buy the ASIC miners.

Advanced Miners feature an online cloud platform for its users who can take advantage of its new generation ASIC mining hardware that has been successfully tested.

Features of Advanced Miners

  • Advanced Miners would be initially sold its ASIC miners only to the investors who purchase the tokens during the ICO. However, eventually, the company would introduce a cloud platform that can be used by anyone for purchasing the new-generation ASIC miners. However, only ACM tokens would be accepted by the platform. This implies a gradual appreciation in the value of tokens owing to the prospective growth in demand for advanced mining solutions.
  • Advanced Miners focus on ongoing technological progress. It would be soon launching its ASIC miner which is based on 12 NM chip. The potential of this new generation mining equipment is estimated to be quite substantial. Hence, the developers behind Advanced Miners are also planning to create ASICs based on 7 NM chip. This high-end process technology is anticipated to revolutionize the sector of cryptocurrency mining.
  • The mining operations of the company are powered by renewable energy resources based in China and Northern Europe. The low-cost power supply in addition to its own infrastructure and mining hardware enables the company to reduce the operating cost to a great extent. Presently, the company would offer each of its ASICs in exchange for 1000 ACM tokens. The current price of a single token is $0.7. This features an affordable mining solution for an average investor.
  • At Advanced Miners, the investors can buy hash with the help of ACM tokens. The platform features advanced mining solutions and powerful ASIC miners in addition to a low electric charge of $0.04 per kilowatt. The ‘low power consumption’ feature is one of the main advantages of this platform.

The team behind Advanced Miners

James Pieron is the CEO at Advanced Miners. He has secured an MBA degree from Imperial College Business School. Throughout his career, he has handled the roles of a successful Blockchain investor, entrepreneur, and broker. He has also worked at the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing as an Executive Manager.

Zhang Jin Wei is the co-founder at Advanced Miners. He has pioneered the development of Blockchain society in Hong Kong. He has graduated from the University of Hong Kong and has secured a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Before moving to Silicon Valley, Zhang had worked in Hong Kong as an Investment Manager.

Sofia Ciau is the Investment Advisor and Account Manager at Advanced Miners. She has done her Masters in Economics from James Cook University.  She was a Manager and Senior Consultant at KPMG. She specializes in offering legal solutions for Blockchain and ICO projects.

Ariel Lee is the co-owner and CMO of Advanced Miners. She has worked as a Service Delivery Manager at Rackspace in Hong Kong. Later on, she migrated to the Netherlands, where she became the CMO at Antminer Distribution Europe. She specializes in the field of mining hardware, mining farms, reselling, and importing.

Suzzanna Miller serves as a Strategist, Chief Marketer, and Writer at Advanced Miners. She has worked as a Chief at Innovation Point LLC which is a well-established consulting company.  She is an expert in devising innovative marketing strategies and business processes.

Miket Xiu is the CTO at Advanced Miners. He heads the company’s ICO projects. After completing his education from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he worked as an Associate at RBC Capital Markets. He was the Senior Manager at CITIC Bank International Limited. He was a cryptocurrency trader for 2 years and currently works as the Senior Marketing Executive at ANX International.

Should you invest in Advanced Miners?

Advanced Miners will be soon launching its own ASIC miner with 28 TH/s. Based on its mining performance from March to May 2018, the company estimates to generate yearly returns equaling to 438%. The advanced features and benefits of its mining solutions are described in its Whitepaper. The investors or token holders can make huge profits as the value of these cryptocurrency tokens rises in response to the company’s growth. Hence, Advanced Miners is likely to serve as a profitable venture for its investors.