Acorn Collective, A Global Crowdfunding Platform

The present crowdfunding platforms are not as per the expectations of the fundraisers. They want a better platform and Acorn Collective promises to meet the modern fundraising demands.

It is a blockchain based crowdfunding platform. The developing company is promoting it as a unique ecosystem which is free and ready to raise funds for any legal project in any nation across the globe. There are already some renowned crowdfunding platforms. The issue with those platforms is that they do provide global service. Some traditional platforms do not serve worldwide because of geographical boundaries. Acorn will cross all those boundaries to serve anybody who needs the support. It is free and you can use it anywhere you want. Let’s find out more about Acorn Collective and its benefits.

Why Acorn Collective seems beneficial?

This blockchain powered crowdfunding platform is offering an ERC20 Token. This token is introduced to cut down the transaction fees. You might not believe, but either you will pay minimal transaction fees or nothing. The traditional crowdfunding platforms charge up to a 5 % transaction fee, which everybody tries to avoid. It is not one of those fundraising ecosystems which accept any project they get. The Acorn first assesses that the project is legal and non-harmful and then accepts it. The project can be from any nation and therefore developing countries would enjoy the services offered by this platform.

Key components of the Acron Ecosystem:

This platform is going to operate in several different ways. However, crowdfunding would always be at the core of this ecosystem. It is designed for crowdfunding and it will accept projects to raise funds and help the people. It will also be a marketplace where people would be able to trade post-crowdfunding services and goods across the globe. Yes, you can use it as a point of sale payment application, which works a lot better than traditional apps. Its ACO token will make fast and affordable transaction possible within the platform. The companies, backers, and consumers can use this token to transfer the amount fast and without paying additional money.

Services Acorn Collective is offering:

As mentioned earlier, Acorn Collective is going to accept projects from all across the globe. There are no geographical boundaries. In addition, this platform will also assist you by offering several necessary services. Those services include the following:

  • Marketing service
  • Legal assistance
  • Technical support that will include the development of mobile apps, website, and blockchain-powered applications.
  • Sourcing and manufacturing
  • Fast transactions
  • Accounting, etc.

Final thoughts:

Acorn Collective is a decentralized platform, where anybody from anywhere can participate for crowdfunding. It is democratizing the crowdfunding process. Every participant on this platform will use the ACO tokens in order to contribute to the projects and make transactions. While the traditional crowdfunding sources are limited to a region, Acorn Collective is a global crowdfunding platform. All in all, it is an effective solution to raise funds from all across the globe. Therefore, you should think about investing in it.