ACA Network Proposes A Blockchain Based Advertising Framework

ACA network aims to build an advertising network that would be based on blockchain technology. As a result, it would be transparent and secure and help advertising service providers make realize greater revenues and profits. This is a new approach being planned for the world of digital ads. It would help to make information completely transparent, which is made obscure and controlled by agencies and their ad cost or ad spend software. This also led to manipulation of the margins that intermediaries made and distorted the direct relationship between spending and effects or profits. This network system would aim in helping the advertising world maximize revenue, optimize their campaigns and gain a greater hold on their advertising data.

Features that ACA network would offer

This platform would aim to bring innovation to the world of advertising in the following ways:

  • It would comprise an advertising control system called ACA AMS, an automatic matching exchange called ACA-EX, an advertising network called ACA-NET and SDK.
  • These networks would help users of the community create ads, control their distribution and campaigns as well as track the effects based on the validation and security features of the blockchain platform.
  • ACA token would be used to facilitate transactions on this platform. It would offer the ACA network services at discounted rates.
  • Holders of ACA token would be able to lend to companies and users of the services on ACA network.

With the different layers and services offered on the platform, it would help the advertising world to have a greater hold on their spendings and realize the profits and effects of ad campaigns launched. The ad world intermediaries as present in the digital world would be eliminated and that would help ad agencies and companies spend less for ad campaigns and have a greater hold on the distribution and profits of the same.

The team behind ACA network

The team working for this platform comprises of Ko Youngwook as CEO and founder, Yuichi Honda who looks into marketing activities, Choi Zinkyu as a developer and so forth. They are assisted by others who have expertise in related domains like blockchain technology, marketing, and advertising. The platform is being worked upon to help develop the different networks that would make the system work as per the intended roadmap of the project.

Lucrative aspects of this venture

This is a proposed network that would help the digital ad community in a large way. As there are different services that the ad community relies upon as well as the large-scale budgets that are spent, this blockchain based platform would help provide transparent and secure networks to be set up for facilitating transactions that would remove the middlemen layers and make ad spends more effective and help ad agencies and companies to track the effects of the ads. With the smart contract-based system, it would provide the service providers an effective way to charge for their services as well as for companies to track the effectiveness of ads.


  • Symbol: ACA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Category: Utility Token
  • Total Amount of ACA to be issued: 2,000,000,000 ACA
  • Total Amount of ACA to be sold: 1,000,000,000 ACA
  • Exchange Rate: 3 Japanese yen per1 ACA
  • Minimum Goal: 100,000,000 ACA
  • Maximum Goal: 1,000,000,000 ACA

Token Distribution

Issued tokens will be distributed as follows.

  • Token Sale: 50%
  • Team: 28%
  • Reserve: 12%
  • Adviser: 5%
  • Bounty: 5%

Budget Allocation

R&D: 50%

Marketing: 30%

Management: 10%

Legal & Accounting: 5%

Reserve Fund: 5%