Media Protocol tries to resolve the drawbacks of current content publishing platforms that give maximum power to the Media owners. The traditional media platforms provide very less control to the content owners and consumers. The major share in revenues generated by promoting the contents is enjoyed by large media platforms. Media Protocol seeks to resolve this situation by bridging the gap between content publishers and consumers. It would be building a direct economy where publishers can exchange their content to consumers and earn the financial incentives without sharing them with 3rd party users and intermediary services.

Features of Media Protocol

  • Media Protocol provides a transparent platform that eliminates the intervention of 3rdparty intermediaries and agents. It would offer an open arena for publishing contents that would be rated and reviewed by consumers without involving any kind of hidden algorithms. It would facilitate a ‘multi-directional’ exchange of content and rewards.
  • The benefit of Media Protocol lies in its content management platform that establishes a direct relationship between the publishers and consumers. This would help the content creators in learning the market trends directly from the audiences.
  • The Media Protocol platform is developed to assist advertisers, content creators and marketing services to design consumer-centric business models.
  • The Blockchain technology adopted by the platform makes it possible for the users to take advantage of a decentralized content protocol. This ensures more benefits to the contributors by making the activities more transparent and open.
  • Media Protocol would offer simple and effective publisher tools that can help content creators in easily publishing and promoting their contents.

The team behind Media Protocol

Martin Adams is the Co-Founder of Media Protocol. He has secured his bachelor degree from Harvard Law School. He has worked as an attorney with specialization in the field of digital economy and intellectual property.

Tom Graham is the Co-Founder of Media Protocol. He is the Managing Partner of the crypto advisory firm – TLDR. He is also the Co-Founder of Digital Future Council and (award-winning marketing firm).

James Tabor is the CEO of Media Protocol. He is also the CEO of He has over 10 years of experience in commercial rights and advertising industry. He has founded several startups associated with data processing.

Mark White is the CTO of Media Protocol. He has experience in creating extraordinary engineering teams and technology-driven business platforms. He has worked for renowned companies like, Camelot, and Expedia.

Josef Sevcik is the Blockchain Architect at Media Protocol. He is an MBA holder who has successfully developed the blockchain-enabled DECENT protocol. He has worked as a Solution Architect at Ericsson.

Should you invest in Media Protocol?

Media platforms represent the backbone of the internet. However, giant media platforms make unscrupulous profits from content publishing and marketing and this leaves very less control in the hands of content creators and audiences. Media Protocol, with its revolutionary platform, aims to eliminate the monopoly of such media giants. By investing in the platform, the users can gain multi-faceted benefits as it provides a transparent and secure tool for monetizing and managing contents in favor of the publishers and consumers.





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