Invox-Invoice lending platform

Emergence of Invox

Invox finance platform is a traditional invoicing system which is used for building invoices and creating trust between parties i.e. buyers, sellers, and also service providers. The transactions are not dependent on the centralized third-party service provider, instead of the distributed ledger is used for keeping a record of the transaction and ensuring its security. To overcome the flaws of Invox invoicing, Invox has emerged with the same of invox tokens.

These tokens can be used for having access to invox financing system and performing different actions using the same. These tokens are also appropriate for rewarding platform users, such that they can be encouraged for its use throughout. The rewarding system has been formulated based on specific methods and ways i.e. buyers are rewarded on verification, while the sellers are rewarded once invoices have been duly paid.

Benefits of Invox

Invox has several benefits to provide to its users same has been listed below;

1. The dynamic invoices provided by Invox facilitate parties to have access to real-time information and also manage sensitive information in their own way. Moreover, continuity is guaranteed with the everlasting use of invox.

2. Outside financiers are not required for supporting the transaction as buyers, sellers, investors or providers of finance all are duly connected.

3. The use of invox system is completely free of cost for the users.

4. Complete accessibility, verification and also inbuilt reward system are some of the major factors which promotes users toward use of invox tokens and financing methods.

5. Financing can be obtained at lower interest rates when compared with traditional financing methods. Thus investors or buyers need not have to spend hefty transaction fees from their pockets.

6. Investment while having access to invox tokens can have access to diversified product range. This is usually possible in case of bank and other finance companies.

7. The company facilitates peer to peer environment owing to which direct access can be enjoyed by the investors. It does not matter if investor is an individual or a company.

8. The fragmented invoice loans are another favorable way using which investors can purchase loan from larger pool of financing. This increases their opportunity to diversify the portfolio and reduce the existing risk tremendously.

How does Invox work?

Invox is majorly focused on traditional invoice financing method, however, to get rid of it invox tokens have been introduced in the market. While following traditional invoice financing options, financier does not have a direct relationship with buyer and seller, and financial information as provided by the seller needs to be transparent. In short, it does not provide a transparent financial model, keeping buyer and seller exposed to risk and uncertainties. To enable users of invox financing to get rid of such risks, invox tokens have been introduced in the market.

Invox – its purpose and usage

Invox finance intends to offer its existing users and participants tokens using which easy trading can be facilitated. These tokens shall fund invoice financing without any form of disruption or interruption in between.

Invox team

Alex Mezhvinsky: Co-Founder

Adam Mezhvinsky: Co-Founder

Daniel Tang: Co-Founder

Victoria Mezhvinsky: In-House Legal Counsel

Jose Luis Ramirez: Lead Software Engineer

Lucas Cullen: Lead Solidity Developer – Contractor

Henry Sit: Business Development Manager

Jordan Gifford-Moore: International Operations

Total supply: 464,000,000

Token Symbol: IVO

ICO Start date: 15 March 2018

ICO End date: 14 April 2018

ICO Price: 0.0001 ETH





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