0xcert, Introducing an Open Protocol to Manage Non-Fungible Tokens

The 0xcert is introduced as permission-less protocol for non-fungible tokens. All of such tokens are classified in crypto wallets and these tokens will belong to the participants. This platform offers a number of functions for transferring and managing non-fungible tokens. The users can use 0cert for producing certified non-fungible tokens from newly created digital assets. This platform itself is offering some non-fungible tokens which are produced from unique assets. 0cert is a beneficial platform because by using its protocol, a platform can validate its authenticity, a proof of existence, and the proprietorship of all the digital asset owners own without seeking attention of third parties.

Introducing the Xcert smart contract:

The developers are currently focusing to implement the 0cert.io protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence this protocol is designed to be blockchain agnostic, the developers are also planning to introduce it for other blockchains. It means, 0xcert will also support other blockchains in the future. This platform will introduce Xcert smart contract and make it a standard non-fungible token smart contract. You may know about the ERC-20 smart contract, the Xcert is also similar to ERC-20 contract. It is a specially designed smart contract that follows the deed standards or Ethereum’s ERC-721 specifications.

How does it work?

0cert is offering different functions on its platform to help the users in maximizing profit from non-fungible tokens. This platform is essentially a pluggable settlement that features a cutting-edge integration layer of a variety of applications and relay apps. Apart from that the protocol introduced by this platform symbolizes a low-level documentation layer. It also describes the sequence for different certification flows, solidified by the conventions. The users can use this protocol to produce the most cutting-edge apps and services. The users can equip their apps with the modern non-fungible features, automization, and user simplifications.

The main objective of the 0certt platform and its team is to offer a foundation for certified and trustless non-fungible tokens produced by using digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform is working to unify the community as fast as possible. This platform is not only offering the protocol, but it is also managing the 0cert online explorer app. This app allows a real-time view of the 0cert network along with interfaces for communicating with the protocol. It works as the main hub for all the non-fungible tokens on the blockchain.

Final thoughts:

This platform is going to offer every user with the XCT tokens. These tokens are normal utility tokens used within the 0cert ecosystem. These tokens are acquiescent with the ERC-20 standard contract. XCT is essentially a protocol token. It is going to line up the certification parties with apps. This token will assure that both parties should adhere to the introduced protocol. The XCT token will be distributed as rewards among the users and it will make it possible to transfer the funds fast and without paying expensive transaction fees. You can invest in this token, if you are going to use the 0cert protocol for non-fungible tokens.


Website: https://0xcert.org/

Whitepaper: https://0xcert.org/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/zeroxcert